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"She wields her stick like a scepter because she is a queen. No matter how full the stage was, when TAMIR was not there, it seemed empty."

"Actress TAMIR as Bernarda Alba is a strong and forceful presence. Her performance provides the linchpin around which the production revolves."

"In the role of Bernarda, TAMIR is a strong presence, naturally exuding the power of a matriarch in last century Spain."

"TAMIR provides forceful, virtuoso portrayal of opera diva Callas. TAMIR incarnates the soprano's complex personality, her passion and her imposing presence. The show belongs completely to TAMIR. Her bravura performance leaving us with a fully-realized Maria Callas that at times transcends even the script."
Go! Monterey County Herald

"TAMIR electrifies as 'La Divina' at Pacific Repertory. TAMIR's electrifying performance reflects the terror, hunger, pain and loss that dart like silver fish beneath the surface of Callas' glamour -- engaging us with her all-seeing eyes, unsparing tongue. A riveting production."
The Carmel Pine Cone